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Professor Sinan Ertemel meets latest student

Assistant Professor of Istanbul Technical University, Dr. Sinan Ertemel is in Port Vila and says the Turkish Government encourages more ni Vanuatu students to apply for Turkish Government scholarships to study in Turkey.

He makes the announcement after introducing the latest student to study Economics and Accounting in a Turkish university. She is Jessie from Atchin, Malekula.

She says she and her parents are excited for her to study in Turkey even though it is far from Vanuatu.

A total of ten students applied through the Vanuatu Government to study in Turkey and she is the successful candidate. “My advice to all other young hopefuls is not to give up but keep trying, keep applying until you succeed”, she says.

The dynamic yet humble 35-year old Professor of Economics says two ni Vanuatu students are now studying in Turkey. One is studying in Istanbul and and the other in Ankara (Political Capital).

The Professor says he is convinced that ni Vanuatu students who graduate from Turkish universities are going to be different from those who graduate from Australian and New Zealand universities.

He explains, “This is because of the location of Turkey. Istanbul lies between two continents of Europe and Asia. It is like the centre of the continent. You have a mixture of cultures from Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

“In Istanbul it is also very diverse, in some streets you feel as if you are in Paris. But after a couple of miles, you feel like you are in Cairo, you know, the spices and so on. It’s a great experience and it’s also a centre of trade between the East and the West. Turkey is also one of the fastest growing economies in Europe”.

The professor says with that level of background and expertise, when a ni Vanuatu graduate takes all this back to Vanuatu, the graduate could become the “bridge” between Vanuatu and Turkey in the future.

Professor Ertemel who was in Vanuatu last year says he loves Vanuatu and still offers to give free lectures at USP here in Port Vila. However he says that opportunity can be offered at Laucala Campus in Suva while he has a passion to help students in Vanuatu.

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