Twenty-one participants were certified as Money Minded facilitators yesterday, September 13 2019.

Money Minded is a flagship financial literacy programme coordinated by the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Banking Group Limited in partnership with the Department of Labour to equip adults with a knowledge of money management skills.

The programme administrators, Turao Vatoko and Bernadine Simelum were proud of the workshop which was considered as a success.

“The 5-day facilitator workshop is aimed at providing basic literacy skills to adults but mostly to RSE agents and seasonal workers to better manage their money,” said Mr Vatoko

“We hoped with these skills and knowledge earned from the one-week educational training, our facilitators are now licensed to run their own programs within their own communities all around Vanuatu.”

ANZ Country Head, Sheng Lee, congratulated the newly accredited facilitators for their participation, the programme administrators and team for the effort enforced in managing the trainings and the Department of Labour for their candid support in organising the informative workshop.

“As promising as it was, this workshop has overseen good engagement between participants,” said Mr Lee

“With the skills and instructive knowledge gained, we look forward to seeing our new facilitators implementing and sharing the knowledge of Money Minded to everyone.”

Commissioner of Labour, Murielle Meltenoven also congratulated the certified facilitators by encouraging them to share their knowledge so “according to the National Labour Mobility Policy we hope to see more Ni-Vanuatu people become entrepreneurs in the future”.

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