MIPU DG, Directors Suspended

DG Harrison Luen (l) and Director Allan Faerua (r)

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has suspended the Director General (DG), Director and Deputy Director (DD) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utility (MIPU), on Wednesday this week.

Secretary General of PSC, Jean-Yves Bibi confirmed to Daily Post that DG Harrison Luen, Director of Public Works Allan Faerua and DD Andre Iatipu were suspended following a formal complaint lodged by MIPU Minister, Jay Ngwele.

SG Bibi said Minister Ngwele lodged a first complaint to the previous Commission on June 15 against the DG and director but no response was made by the former commission. The minister then lodged another complaint on July 2 to the new Commission in relation to government contracts awarded to private companies.

The basis of the complaint raised against the duo was on grounds that they have allegedly failed to carry out their principle responsibilities effectively and efficiently according to the section 20 (1) (2) (2A) of the Public Service Act [CAP 246] and delaying to disclose all relevant documents pertaining to investigation upon request.

Minister Ngwele received an independent inquiry report from the investigation team led by the Police within the ministry which concluded that they were allegedly involved and will be investigated.

DD Iatipu is accused of allegedly involving in a contract awarded to Prime Roadworks Limited since he was also a member of the evaluation panel.

SG Bibi said all three have been suspended on full salaries and the DG and Director will be suspended for 21 days. DD Iatipu will be given the right to respond to the allegation against him and there is no definite period of his suspension.

During the suspension, Samuel George, Executive Officer will be appointed as Acting DG, Junior Shim George, Project Manager will be appointed as Acting Director and Fred Siba, Acting Principal Engineer will be appointed as Acting Deputy Director.

Bibi said when the officers are on suspension they are not allowed to interfere with the investigation.

Minister Ngwele had mandated an investigation team to investigate all the departments under his portfolio and investigations are still ongoing.

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