Ministry of Finance labels allegation as scam

The Ministry of Finance has dismissed allegations that a huge sum of money has arrived in the country via the ministry for a group of people that normally meet every day at the Seafront area.

There are reports that the group of Ni–Vanuatu believe that the Ministry of Finance has received an undeclared sum of money on their behalf.

This sum supposedly came from overseas.

But the Ministry has refuted this, saying this never happened, and anyone encouraging such information to be further disseminated will be dealt with by the police.

The media and communication officer within the Ministry of Finance, Goden Arnhambat, says the ministry has not received any money.

He says such allegation is false and is a scam and the people will never receive any money as it does not exist.

The group of ni-Vanuatu that meets every day at the Seafront is known to many ni-Vanuatu as they have been talking about the money over the last 30 years.

“The Ministry of Finance’s name must not be used.

“If the ministry’s name is used again, we will use the police to investigate further.”

Mr Arnhambat says people have been enquiring about the money since last week and as he was going through the interview, he said another one left the office a few minutes ago after going into the Ministry to enquire about the money.

Arnhambat says the ministry does not know about such money.

“We only know that a group of elderly people have been assembling down there,” he said referring to the Seafront meeting place.

“That did not just start now, as the group started to congregate and make similar claims since the 1980s,” Mr Arnhambat said.

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