Ministry of Climate Change and Adaptation Launches Corporate Plan 2019-2021

Minister of Climate Change and Adaptation, Ham Lini has officially launched the MoCCA’s Corporate Plan 2019-2021 on Tuesday, April 2nd.

In his short official address, Mr Lini said the document sets out directions for MoCCA and its departments for the next three years.

“The Ministry is committed to the Corporate Plan and I am asking everyone to work together to achieve proposed results set out in the plan,” he said.

The Director General of MoCCA, Jesse Benjamin stated in his introduction that the corporate plan is strongly aligned to the priorities and targets set by the National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2030.

“Cyclones, droughts, volcanic eruptions, evacuations, landslides and floods have taught us a valuable lesson-that our ministry and our key plans must pre-position the ministry with an improved early warning and responsive capacity through flexible, achievable planning,” he said.

“This can only be achieved by solid collegial relationships with the agencies of the Government of Vanuatu, our Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector partners and communities working together as a team but focusing, as does the NSDP, on people based outcomes.”

The occasion also featured the launching of the Ministry’s new uniform and Annual Report 2018.

Mr Lini said that 2018 was a challenging year for MoCCA due to natural disasters such as the Manaro exodus and TC Hola and other administrative issues.

“Many changes by the Public Service Commission to director positions has affected operations largely, limitation of MoCCA budget to expand operations to rural areas but despite all these MoCCA achieved many results in 2018 and can be viewed in the annual report,” he said.

Mr Lini also expressed that the new uniform will give a new and different look for MoCCA staff apart from other government ministries.

“This is the first time for this ministry and its departments to wear one uniform and I encouraged all staff to wear it at all times to work and to other official events,” he said.

The MoCCA acknowledged three of its former directors at the end of the event with the last payment of their outstanding leave entitlement and gratitude gifts for their contribution and support to the ministry.

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