Leaders Party supports Tokosauwia String Band

Joe Ligo (3rd from left) presenting the Vt: 87,000 to the band leaders as they handed him Emau

valuable feathered mat as token of appreciation. The ceremony as witnessed by band members

Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV) has stepped forward with Vt87,000 donation to one of Vanuatu’s most popular string band, Tokosauwia String Band, to enable studio recordings of an album that is to be released during Christmas 2019.

The donation of Vt87,000 was presented to the band president Tabang Gibson, and band members by the LPV’s Joe Ligo, Tuesday this week. Mr. Ligo, is LPV candidate to run in the 2020 parliamentary elections, and will stand in the Port Vila constituency. His candidature was officially endorsed during the recent party congress in Santo. As a token of appreciation, the president of the Tokosauwia String Band, Tabang Gibson, presented to Mr. Ligo, a special and valuable feathered mat from Emau Island in North Efate.

“Tokosauwia String band composed many poplar string band songs for different politicians and political parties over many past years. The band went into recess over the four years, o allow other bands to come onto the market of string bands.

This year the band members regrouped and decided to launch an album during Christmas 2019, but needed a studio for recordings. We approached some politicians for assistance and the Leaders Party Vanuatu (LPV) agreed to sponsor the band with the amount of funds that Mr. Ligo, of the LPV presented yesterday (Tuesday) evening. With this money we can now enter a recording studios to produce the album for Christmas.

“Our band members have already come up with a title of the upcoming album and it is called “ Tuta Blong Whitesands” which is interpreted “Big brother from White sands” a specially dedicated album song to the President of the Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV) who is from White sands in Tanna, Jotham Napat, and the party he founded and leading today. The song is also dedicated to the people of Vanuatu,” says The popular band President Talang Gibson.

He concluded by saying that music is the heartbeat of the band members who have contributed a lot in promoting String Band Music as “Vanuatu’s Identity in Song” that has spread across the country and beyond.

“The Band members appreciated and thank the LPV and the Port Vila 2020 candidate Mr. Joe Ligo, for this sponsorship which we treasure today and will continue to treasure into the future,” says the band president, Talang Gibson.

Also present during the occassion was the LPV Port Vila Municipal Councilor and the First Deputy Lady Mayor, Seborah Tapau.

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