Microchip found in meat

The microchip that was taken from the beef stew

A pastor has claimed that they found a microchip in fresh beef stew they bought from a shop.

Pastor Joseph Korman informed Daily Post that his son was cutting the stew into smaller pieces when they came across the chip.

“This is the first time I saw something like that. Since I am a pastor, I always base my sermons on the book of Revelation, and as we know, it also mentioned the chip,” Pastor Korman said.

He continued, “When I searched for the image of microchip that the Bible talks about, in the internet, I found out that the image is quite similar to what we discovered in the meat.”

The pastor questioned why these microchips were being inserted into the cows.

Mr Alain Simeon from Department of Livestock confirmed that in bigger countries, farmers use microchips on their animals, but the Livestock Department has not introduced this in Vanuatu.

He said they are not aware if farmers are already using the chips, as they must notify the department concerned before they could use it on their livestock animals, particularly cattle.

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