The New Nations Party (NNP), a newly established party, was officially launched this week at Mele village.

The ceremony began with a parade, which saw everyone gathered at the Farea Sosori or Market House , and paraded towards the launching venue led by the brass band. NNP executive members, supporters and people throughout Efate also joined in on the launching ceremony.

A constituted worship also took place before the dedication of the flag and the official launching of NNP.

NNP President, Ps William Malas, in his address, said that he is happy to witness this historical moment after 39 years, Mele village, one of the largest villages on Efate, has finally come to establish its first ever political party. Mr Malas said that for many years, the community has been always on the tail of development however he is confident that it is time we address these issues head on with new ideas and new visions for the community and NNP supporters as a whole.

He emphasized that NNP believes it is time Mele community unites to achieve developments within the community.

Relating to the party’s logo “Let My People Go”, he explains that the launching is the beginning of a breakthrough and cross over from the challenges the community and the country as a whole had faced over the years and are now moving into its new land of success and prosperity.

Ps Malas appealed to the community to unite and work together to achieve developments within the Mele village and Vanuatu as a whole.

NNP Vice President, Roro Sambo said that NNP seeks to address unity within the community and to empower youth advocacy and development, within the community.

Mr Sambo said that over the last three parliamentary terms, Mele village has not elected a leader into parliament. He said that with such concerns, NNP believes it is time to overcome such challenges for the benefit of the people.

He said that the community needs to be protected stating that love is the uttermost drive into such accomplishments.

He appeals to the people of Mele and NNP members and supporters to unite and work together to achieve a difference not only in politics but at all levels such as agriculture, sports and so on.

He said that NNP believes in new things, new visions and new ideas to drive in community achievement and developments.

The ceremony ended with the dedication and flag raising of the party, followed by the official launching and gifts presentation by the NNP’s President to his new executive.

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