Mele Chief Dismisses Political Propaganda Claims by Melemaat Chief

The Paramount Chief of Mele Village has responded to the concerns raised by Melemaat Chief David Albert over the claims of political propaganda.

Chief Simeon Poilapa has formally dismissed all allegations of a custom ceremony made by political candidate Michell Taravaki to reconcile Chief David Albert and Chief Enock John Riman as stated in an article on Daily Post Issue no.5973, Saturday 14th of March.

Chief Poilapa asserted he was the one leading the custom ceremony, not candidate Michel Taravaki.

“The purpose of the ceremony and the handing over of the two mats was to clear the way forward for the Mele Community appointed and qualified candidate to contest in the upcoming 2020 National Election.”

He said the custom ceremony was conducted under the direction of the Efatese/Natatok Supreme Authority.

The Chief explained the ceremony was made to grant freedom to candidate Michel Taravaki and his team to carry out their campaign work into the Maat/Ambrym community within Maat/Lopatu village.

Chief Poilapa also said the three chiefs are aiming to re-unite the members of the Nakamals of Peas, Sanio and Namunai which has been divided for over the past 18 years.

“The conflict differs over chieftainship titles and land issues which has greatly affected the development plans of communities,” he said.

Chief Poilapa is appealing to the overall population of Mele and Maat villages to set aside any conflicts and walk peacefully inside their polling stations on March 19th and exercise their democratic and constitutional rights.

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