Man speaks well of Coronavirus

Vanua sees benefits in Coronavirus threat

Twenty-six-year old Harper Lini Vanua of North Pentecost has become the first person to speak well of Coronavirus.

The young man who is named after the late Harper Lini, who was the father of the country’s first ever Prime Minister, late Father Walter Lini, has welcomed the arrival of the shocking coronavirus in the world, describing Vanuatu’s measures of preparations as vital to “improving our health standard”.

He argues that the large drop of patients at Vila Central Hospital is allegedly could be as a result of the compulsory washing of hands at the entrance of all companies, as well as going home early after kava.

He says kava represents custom but that today it is taken in such large quantities that it defeats the original purpose of drinking kava. “Once upon a time, kava was taken as a form of medication after a hard day’s work to allow the drinker to sleep in peace. In other words, two shells of it was enough but nowadays, young people tend to want to drink it into the night and in the morning, they sleep late and become lazy because it is abused”, he argues.

Now as a result of the virus, drinkers drink early and go home early to their families and have a long sleep to rest their bodies.

If the social distancing is lengthened, he predicts an even healthier workforce in the country as people will cut down on kava drinking and return to healthy living by spending more quality time with families during meals and after meals.

Vanua predicts an alert looking workforce that is ever ready to start work and stay at their posts until half past eleven in the morning, back to work at half past one and call it a day at four thirty in the afternoon. “This is positive for the national economy as workers become healthy and they wake up early to get to work to contribute towards the economic development of the country”, he predicts.

He says everything in Vanuatu happens for a reason and he believes that the coronavirus is a call for the population to pull up its socks to return to doing what is right.

He encourages everybody to follow the Government’s new policies and to recognise the benefits that come with the washing of hands and early to bed for kava drinkers.

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