Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu Reusable Nappy Trial

Mamma’s Laef Community Champions Tina Kalosin, Glenda Malas and Margret Frank are supporting 60 families in Eratap, Pango and Eton during the two-week community nappy trials. Credit:

As the nationwide conversation continues in the lead up to the Vanuatu Government’s proposed single-use diaper ban deadline on 31 December 2020, Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu have started to trial their environmentally friendly reusable nappy products in three Efate communities.

The Pango based social enterprise is meeting the challenge to provide a local solution to the global single-use plastic problem by locally manufacturing reusable nappies with specially imported high quality, absorbent and waterproof materials.

Mamma’s Laef owners Jack and Mary Kalsrap are proud to be local producers of quality, affordable reusable nappies that are helping Vanuatu’s families, environment and economy.

Mamma’s Laef are working with 60 families in Eton, Eratap and Pango who are personally trying the reusable nappies with their babies over a two-week period.

Recently, the Mamma’s Laef team visited the three Efate communities to deliver the nappy trial packs and start the two-week community trials.

At four community workshops in Eton, Eratap and Pango, the Mamma’s Laef team demonstrated how to use their three-part reusable nappies and talked about how to hygienically wash and dispose of baby toti (faeces).

Each family was given a free nappy trial pack with six waterproof nappy covers, 20 absorbent inserts, and 20 liners in a lidded plastic bucket with soap (for soaking and washing the nappies).

Pictorial step by step instructions in Bislama, English and French on how to use and wash the nappies hygienically were included in the packs.

Three Mamma’s Laef selected “Community Champions” are supporting the families during the community nappy trials.

The Mamma’s Laef nappies are a modern “one-size” design that works for newborn babies to toddlers.

They are cheaper to use in the long-term than disposable diapers because they can be washed and used again, whereas disposable diapers can only be used once.

A team of 10 women have been employed by Mamma’s Laef to cut, assemble and sew the nappies at their Pango headquarters.

Bambino Mio, Europe’s largest producer of reusable baby nappies, have teamed up with Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu to provide technical expertise to develop the Vanuatu nappy prototype.

Bambino Mio’s Founder, Guy Schanschieff said they were proud to be supporting Mamma’s Laef to help develop locally-led reusable nappy manufacturing which will help to create more Vanuatu jobs.

Mamma’s Laef are busy with nappy production now and getting ready to market and distribute their reusable environmentally friendly products nationwide, which includes their range of menstrual pads, adult nappies, breast pads, baby blankets, and face masks.

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