150 Malekula delegates attend VP Mini-Congress

Vanua’aku Party (VP)’s 2-day Mini-Congress on Malekula starts today.

With just two and half months away from the 2020 General Election, political parties are preparing themselves and VP is no exception as the party’s only MP in the constituency of Malekula, Esmon Saimon officially launched the Malekula VP Regional Coordinating Committee in his home village of Lawa, South West Bay.

Over 150 mandates around Malekula, each one representing 50 people are present at Lawa village for the Mini-Congress.

In his address, MP Saimon said the groundwork on VP’s ‘Kambak’ policy on Malekula was initiated way back.

“I have been working with my mandates around Malekula since 2016 with only 48 mandates and today we have 150,” he said.

“It is a big increase and this congress will help us strategise ourselves for three candidates.”

He said it is an history for VP or any political party to hold the Mini-Congress there.

Mr Saimon also praised God for the safe travels of delegates from different parts of Malekula to attend the Mini-Congress in spite of the weather.

Chairman of the Malekula RCC, Obed Massingau told Daily Post the two-day Mini-Congress will focus mainly on dividing mandates to the three VP proposed candidates that have been endorsed on VP national congress on Ambrym last year.

“The Malekula VP region will field three candidates. They are MP Esmon Saimon, former MP Simeon Kaltaliu from Maskelyne Island and Diana Willie from central Malekula,” he said.

There is potential for the Mini-Congress to approve the additional name of a proposed candidate to contest under VP.

MP Saimon has been working tirelessly to increase VP mandates since 2016 and has ‘footprints’ around Malekula.

The Mini-Congress will end on Wednesday.

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