Malapoa College returns to poll to elect head student leaders

The Electoral Office has been partnering with Malapoa College to run student leader elections since 2015 to educate students about the democratic voting process

A new head boy and head girl for Malapoa College will be announced during the school assembly today (Monday) after a vote involving the whole school.

Voting day was last Friday which saw more than 1,000 students participating in the election. 37 classrooms were used as polling stations.

Teachers were engaged as polling officers to make sure their students securely cast their ballot.

The counting of unofficial results took place immediately after polls closed on Election Day.

14 candidates for the election from Year 13 were endorsed by the School Administration based on their discipline records and leadership qualities.

After their endorsement, they were given a period of time to organize campaigns to influence voters. In the election, students were permitted to choose only one favorite candidate for each of the two positions.

The school will know the turnout of the voters and winning candidates when the official results are revealed today.

The Daily Post has been told that the Electoral Office has been partnering with the school to run student leader elections since 2015.

The initiative is a learning exercise to encourage voting habits in the school at the same time, educate students about the procedures of an actual general election before they can participate in an actual general election.

Acting Principal of Malapoa College, Saimon Simon, said the school plans to organize a leadership course for its elected student leaders after the election of the head boy and head girl.

The purpose of the course is to enhance their leadership skills so that they can successfully implement their duties and responsibilities, he said.

The responsibilities of a head boy and head girl includes representing the school at events, working closely with head mistresses to address student issue and managing the prefect body.

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