MALAMPA Province Embarks on Ambitious Investment Policy Direction for FDI Joint Venture

MALAMPA delegation with VIPA Acting CEO (c)

MALAMPA Province is moving proactively towards its contributions to the Government’s national goals to be achieved through the People’s Plan by developing through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the province.

This was the focus brought to the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) by a delegation of the officials for the MALAMPA Provincial Government Council (MPGC) this week.

The delegation comprising of the President of the MPGC, the Secretary General, Investment Policy Officer and the council Treasurer are currently in Vila to begin discussions with a high level delegation of officials from the Hainan Province of China on two key development proposals that are proposed for Malekula.

The high level delegation from China were part of a team of high level representatives from key partner countries to Vanuatu that were invited to attend the Arts Festival on Malekula that took place last month.

Meeting with the VIPA Acting CEO Raymond Vuti, the delegation expressed their support of the work that VIPA has been engaged in with the province to promote prime areas on Malekula’s South and South Western parts for FDI Joint Venture partnerships.

In its profiling exercise on key provinces in Vanuatu, VIPA has been in constant communication and engagement with the MALAMPA province to target-market key investment sites for joint venture partnership opportunities.

The discussions with the Hainan Province group should prove to be a fruit of the hard work and determination that the current MPGC has carried out to fulfil their vision of a better province, come 2020. VIPA was pleased to hear of the strong working relationship that the Province has with landowners, farmers and the people of Malampa to support the vision of FDI in MALAMPA.

MPGC Secretary General Kalwajen Skepha, made a strong statement on development needs for MALAMPA Province that should be spearheaded by people from the Province.

“If you are from MALAMPA and live in Port Vila and plant banana plants, take the suckling back to MALAMPA.

“This is our custom, we have contributed to the development of SHEFA Province now we need to go back and contribute to our own provinces in the same manner so that we too can give to the people of SHEFA when they come to our province”.

The development projects outlined for the province are focused on infrastructure and agriculture specifically value addition of produce such as kava.

The delegation stressed that their efforts to push for development in the province will be a great measure for their achievements under the NSDP.

The VIPA Office will keep abreast with the updates of the developments that are expected to happen from this discussion exchange.

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