President Tirsupe

President Tirsupe

“Despite foreign influences and world modernization, Vanuatu continues to maintain its Melanesian traditional and cultural identity and values, through its many languages, traditional ways of living, custom dances, traditional marriage and death ceremonies and many other daily traditional way of life, particularly in the islands and villages,” says Malvatumauri President, Chief Senimao Tirsupe.

“As we come to celebrate Christmas 2017, and prepare to welcome the new year 2018, I wish to remind every citizen of our country of the fundamental principles of our constitution which states that our constitution is ‘founded on Melanesian Traditional Values and Christian Principles’.

“Parents and heads of families as well as community leaders should take a moment over Christmas and New Year to reflect on these constitutional fundamental principles.

“The parents should take a moment to explain to their children these fundamental constitutional principles,” Chief Tirsupe appeals to Vanuatu citizens.

While Chief Tirsupe took the opportunity to wish all Chiefs at all levels of Vanuatu communities and the citizens, the residents and visitors to Vanuatu’s shores a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2018, at the same time he reminded the people of Vanuatu to safeguard the many rich and important cultural and custom values that are basis of the national identity.

“Vanuatu is facing many challenges in our society with fast growing technological advancement that is having adverse impact on our rich and varied cultural ways of life.

“And unless the today’s generation is serious about protecting our Melanesian traditional values, tomorrow’s generation will lose their rich and varied customs and cultures and become less appreciative of what our customs and cultures mean as our true and only living Melanesian Identity,” Chief Tirsupe warns.

In congratulating the national Government as well as all provincial governments, the chiefs and all community leaders for the many economic and social developments that has advanced Vanuatu to take its rightful place amongst the nations of the world, the Malvatumauri President is at the same time wishing the national leaders, the Prime Minister and State Ministers, the Chief Justice of Vanuatu, the Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker of Parliament, all Members of Parliament ( MPs) and the population of Vanuatu a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2018.

“In God we Stand, our customs and cultures are our identity and Vanuatu stands out as unique cultural nation in the Pacific region and one in the world- long live customs and cultures of Vanuatu and may God protect our cultural identity here on.”

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