Madang ‘meri’ seals Love for Vanuatu through marriage

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Willie at the end of their beautiful open air marriage ceremony by Pastor Thomas Seth (left)

A young woman from Papua New Guinea, not only admired how people from Vanuatu always smile even at total strangers when they meet them for first time, but she confirmed her true love to her newly wedded husband, Albert Willie of Paama, at their beautiful open air wedding at Pango’s Honeymoon Beach yesterday.

Nancy Lagdom from Madang Province which is the most populated Province (with over 300,000 people), out of all the Provinces of PNG, met Albert Willie during their academic studies in New Zealand.

Asked what it was that struck her about Vanuatu for the first time she said she admired the way that ni Vanuatu greet total strangers with a smile, their kindness, respect for fellow man and woman, and the ‘lay back’ way of life, where time has not overtaken the pace of life for most people.

But of course, there was nothing compared to the spark that flared when her eyes met Albert’s eyes for the first time.

Asked if her jubilant husband has anything to convey to her family in PNG, Albert replied, “I wish to sincerely thank Nancy’s family for allowing her to come to Vanuatu to be my wife.

“I promise that I will take good care of her and they can rest assured that now with our marriage, any member of her family from Madang who come to Port Vila, can rest assured that he or she also has family here in Port Vila”.

In his message to the young couple, Pastor Thomas Seth reminded them of the importance of marriage, saying it is a holy ceremony that is bound by God.

For this reason, no one has the power to separate the couple except death. They both pledged to remain faithful to God and each other and sealed their vows with a kiss, while the waves break on the reef, to end the ceremony.

The couple thanked Pastor Seth for making their dream come through and all families and church members, who contributed towards catering for the preparation of the open air marriage ceremony, as well as the delicious wedding lunch which was brought to Honeymoon Beach for everyone to enjoy.

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