LPV leads LMC Poll

Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV) has once again proven its rule after securing the highest number of votes in the Luganville Municipal Council

(LMC) election on Tuesday.

According to unofficial results, the LPV is leading with a total of 1,103 votes

altogether through five candidates.

LPV’s Member of Parliament in the Luganville Constituency and at the same time Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry and Biosecurity, Matai Seremaiah was very happy with the outcome of the election.

“The people have spoken,” Mr Seremaiah said. “We led the pol l wi th four

winning candidates plus one independent candidate that was sponsored by the political party, totalling up to five LPV councillors.”

The Luganville MP told Daily Post their focus is on development in Luganville.

“My priority now is to form the LMC to develop Luganville town not to

become the second town but the town, the council must join hands together to work for a better Luganville town,”

Mr Seremaiah said. He added that one of their primary focus is for LMC

to deliver its service in the overall jurisdiction of the municipality, contrary to the past practice of limiting service delivery to the main


The unofficial results of the LMC election shows that LPV is set to have 5 councillors, National United Party – 2; Vanuatu Liberal Movement – 1; Union of Moderate Party -1; Vanua’aku Pati-1; Nagriamel – 1; Reunification of Movement for Change — 1 and Iauko Group — 1.

The electoral office will declare the names of the official candidates shortly.

Daily Post understands that political parties whose candidates have secured the highest votes are now lobbying to form the council

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