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General Manager for Vanuatu Cooperatives Business Network (VCBN) Jack Loughman, shaking hands with Chairman of Vanuatu Cooperatives Leadership & Management Council , Director Tony Sewen, witnessed by Deputy Prime Minister Bob Loughman, Acting Director George Borugu and Registrar of Cooperatives, Ridley Joseph

The Vanuatu Cooperatives Business Network (VCBN) which used to be called Vanuatu Cooperative Federation has a new General Manager.

He is none other than young Entrepreneur Jack Loughman, a former civil servant who resigned from a well-paid job in the Government to become a success farmer.

Loughman went on to set up the current active Aniasuasmol Farmers’ Cooperative with a vision to register all farmers on Efate to become members of the cooperative.

Aniasuasmol Cooperative made headlines this year when it successfully completed a food processing workshop and went on to showcase its processed foods and drinks products at its head office at Club Hippique.

Registrar of Cooperatives Ridley Joseph confirms Loughman’s appointment to his new post which becomes effective today.

Further recruitments for the new executive staff of VCBN will be advertised when they become available this year.

“VCBN will be responsible for all affairs of cooperatives throughout the country through trading, exchanges, cooperative programmes and Government programmes, to make sure of effective linkages of stakeholders’ policies with National Government policies to filter through to the grassroots. The vehicle of the Vanuatu Cooperative Leadership Management Council is Vanuatu Cooperatives Business Network.

Loughman's Office is temporarily situated at the Office of the Registrar of Cooperatives until current renovations at the VCBN's Offices are completed at the former VCF.

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