LDC Journalists Forum formed

Captıon: A group photograph of LDC Journalists Forum. Rafıqul Islam Azad (second from left), Baboucarr Camara (fourth from right) and Ben Jounior Kambire (extreme front). Vice Presidents Ms Sitembile Siwawa of Zambıa and Jonas Cullwick of Vanuatu (2nd from right and extreme right).

Journalists from Least Developed Countries have formed an 11-member “LDC Journalists Forum” with Rafiqul Islam Azad of Bangladesh as its president and Baboucarr Camara of Gambia and Ben Jounior Kambire of Mali as its general secretaries for two years term.

The new organisation was unanimously formed in a meeting of LDC journalists, who participated in reporting on the Mid Term Review on the Istanbul Program of Action (IPoA) of the LDCs at Titanic Deluxe Belek in Antalya, Turkey on May 29 in a bid to maintaining communication and work for the LDC journalists.

The other office bearers are: Vice presidents- Ms Sitembile Siwawa of Zambıa and Jonas Cullwick of Vanuatu, Coordinator is Mahabir Paudyal of Nepal, Treasurer- Ms Maribel Ibule Djole of Guinea Equatorial, Training Secretary- Koang Pal Chang of South Sudan and research secretary- Getachew Balcha of Ethiopia.

The meeting presided over by Rafiqul Islam Azad formed a three-member sub-committee headed by Dr Zaw Than of Myanmar to prepare a charter of the organization within one month. The two other members are: Sorn Sarath of Cambodia and Ms. Theresa Chapulapula of Malawi.

The meeting nominated LDC Watch coordinator Gauri Prodhan as the adviser of the organisation, in ex-officio capacity.

The organisation is to work for creating and enhancing opportunity for LDC journalists and organizing training and workshops.

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