Lapo community builds walkway

Community members constructing the walkway. Photo: Supplied

The people of Lapo village in South West Bay, Malekula, are currently constructing a permanent walkway that will help them walk safely from their homes down to the sea.

Lapo village is located on a sloped area and the path is always slippery and unsafe, especially for older people on rainy days. This is part of a community project initiated by the community to the Area Council. Area Administrator of the area, Gerald Tamau said this was raised as a need by the people during the assessment and community profiling conducted on needs of that particular community and status of government services they are receiving.

Works on this walkway project were carried out by the community since February this year and is expected to be completed by June.

Funding towards the project was raised through community fundraisers. A portion of the money was also used by the community to pay for an engineer who designed the walkway.

The Area Council also allocated VT300,000 towards this project and Member of Parliament for Malekula, Minister Esmon Saimon also provided financial assistance.

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