The namele leaves which were placed on the gate and along the fence to the water basin on Monday were removed after an agreement was reached between the parties involved.

The landowner of the area on which the Seven Star drainage basin is constructed, Alfred Tari Moliliu, has been paid VT17 million for his land.

On Monday this week he placed namele leaves on the property, demanding that he be paid a further VT3.5 million for the loss of his kava bar and rent house business.

The namele leaves customarily prohibited the Public Works Department from proceeding with the official opening of the Seven Star road upgrade project as planned, unless his demand was met.

PWD Director Allan Faerua told Daily Post that a meeting was held between the landowner and Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities; PWD; Ministry of Lands and Department officials.

Subsequently, an agreement was reached between Mr. Moliliu and Government officials for a compensation of VT3.5 million to be paid to Mr. Moliliu in order for the namele leaves to be removed.

The Agreement documents will be prepared by the Ministry and the Department of Lands officials.

Mr. Faerua said since the work on the Seven Star road project commenced up until two days ago, the PWD and contractors have never experience negative feedback from the residents nor anyone in the neighbourhood, except for the recent namele leaves, but this is now resolved.

An Environment Unit officer within the PWD added the Unit whose function is to safeguard the roadworks undertaken by the PWD in order to minimize the negative impact on such development projects, has never received complaints from the residents on the roadwork upgrades.

PWD officials have confirmed the official opening of the Seven Star Ohlen roads is now scheduled for Friday, 30th of August 2019.

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