Korman steps down as President of Vanuatu First Party

Veteran Politican, Maxim Carlot Korman

Veteran politician, Maxim Carlot Korman, has resigned as President of Vanuatu First Party. 

A few months ago, Mr Korman, who is now 78, stepped forward with a political hope to reunite all the moderate parties that have spilt up over the years.

“Unfortunately, this did not work out as planned because of political differences amongst the newly formed party officials,” he told Daily Post. 

As a result, Mr Korman decided to resign as president and also retire from national politics.

In a statement to the Daily Post, Mr Korman, who hails from Erakor, Efate says his resignation was made with dignity and peace. 

“I make this decision to resign in order to pave way for the new president of the Vanuatu First Party, to take up the party leadership,” he stated. 

“I also made this decision because of my age that I want to spend more time with my families where I am so happy to be at Erakor and Efate. As the public is aware, over the past few months, I tried my best to unite all the moderate political parties, but without cooperation, and I understand why because of today’s fragmented political differences, so I had to take leave from national politics, though I am not quitting forever, as I am around to give advice to future politicians of our beloved country Vanuatu.

 “It is fair and humble enough for me to resign and hand over the presidency of the party to another person within the party, because of the recent attitude of the moderate parties as preparations are taking place towards the 2020 general elections and the country faces more political challenges.”

He added that he had done his utmost best over the years in the good development of politics in Vanuatu, especially where the need calls for unity, peace and prosperity amongst the people of Vanuatu.

“As a former PM, Speaker and MP, I can say that without politics, a country cannot grow, so today I leave the leadership of Vanuatu First Party to Mr Russell Nari, Jean Paul Virelala, Anatol Imak, Jimmy Andeng and few others to continue to lead the party forward and into the future,” Mr Korman stated.

“I wish them well and the future of the party. I will continue to assist men, women, youth and the children of our beloved and beautiful country Vanuatu.”

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