Koanapo: Think and Act like National Leaders

Finance Minister Johnny Koanapo has reminded his colleague Members of Parliament to think and act as national leaders. Some MPs said the government appears to be directing more developments such as roads and infrastructures to certain areas while some islands and provinces are ignored.

In response, Finance Minister Johnny Koanapo, told the MPs to think and act as national leaders.

“When we direct roads or other developments to one island or province, we are doing it for the whole country and not just that particular island and or province,” he said.

“I have already reminded us before and I am repeating myself here today. Think and act as national leaders and not as an individual because we are here as national leaders.

“For instance, when we engage on road constructions on Pentecost, Malekula, Santo or Tanna we are doing it for the benefit of the whole country, not just those islands or provinces.”

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