All private and government registered kindergartens as well as government primary schools are not entitled to the tuition fee subsidy from the Economic Stimulus Package.

All kindergartens, whether government registered or private and government registered primary schools in Vanuatu are not entitled to the tuition fee subsidy from the Economic Stimulus Package announced by the Government. 

Minister of Education, Seoule Simeon, explained that Early Childhood teachers are already on the government payroll and under the Free Tuition Fee Policy, each preschool learner is entitled to Vt9,000.

Minister Simeon said only non-government registered schools are entitled to the tuition fee subsidy, including all government and private registered secondary schools (Year 7 to 14) and Post-School Education and Training (PSET) or tertiary institutions registered under the Vanuatu Qualification Authority (VQA). 

This means that each student enrolled in these institutions will receive a tuition fee exemption of Vt42,000 for the 2020 academic year.

Students studying abroad are not included in the stimulus package, he added.

Minister Simeon said schools must submit the required information to the open Vanuatu Education Management Information System (VEMIS) to be eligible to access the stimulus package.

This also applies to second release of school grant to be expected next month.

The criteria that schools must meet to receive their grant include having a school improvement plan, financial report be approved school council and an audit report showing no issue, the minister said.

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