Killer Admits Killing Partner

Tapawa surrounded by Correctional Officers yesterday after his plea. Photo: Richard.M.Nanua

The man who is accused of killing his partner and burying her body at Etmat in Erakor has pleaded guilty yesterday in court.

Tapawa Iamak admitted one count of intentional homicide contrary to section 106 of the Penal Code Act [CAP 135].

Iawak did not understand the charges and Bislama, therefore he asked for a translator to translate the charges for him in Tannese language.

After the charge was read in the language, Iamak admitted that he killed his partner and buried her in Etmat plantation on June 7, 2019.

Other witnesses confirmed that later that day Tapawa returned home by himself, carrying a few yams, knife, shovel, some clothes and an umbrella.

He later went drinking alcoholic beverage and visiting the families and telling his relatives that they had an argument and she left.

But five days later people became suspicious that something bad may have happened to the victim and so they went searching for her.

That was when they discovered the hidden shallow grave of the deceased and they alerted the police.

The accused will be sentenced in November this year.

Justice Oliver Saksak said that the other co-defendants in this case that pleaded not guilty to the charges will be tried and the trial date will be listed soon during the hearing of the case management.

Earlier reports confirm that Tapawa was a violent man and used to assault the victim in the past.

Tapawa is represented by the Public Solicitor’s office.

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