LDS Etas Ward Youths at VCH Children's Ward December 25

LDS Etas Ward Youths at VCH Children’s Ward on December 25.

The Children at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) were delighted on Christmas Day from a visitation by young members of the Latter Day Saints in Etas Ward on Efate.

The Etas Youths brightened up the faces of the little patients at the VCH Children’s Ward by presenting a Christmas gift to every child admitted in the Ward.

Tony Hilliman, from the Latter Day Saints Etas Ward, said members of the Vanuatu community often forget to remember those in hospitals, especially children.

“Many families during Christmas Day get carried away by their own families programs that they forget the children in hospitals, but think back when their own children are admitted into Hospitals,” he said.

They brought children’s gifts that brightened up the faces of all little patients who were delighted to receive a Christmas present on Christmas Day.

“We acted upon the Command of the Lord Jesus who said in the Bible, ‘Suffer not the little children to come to me, for such is the Kingdom of God’.

“So we did just that by the visitation to the VCH Children’s Ward and brighten up every little faces and pray for them and their healings as well as all the doctors and nurses of the Vila Central Hospital.

“All children are special gifts from God to mankind and God has a purpose for each and everyone.

“But they need every one’s support whether be in their homes, schools and or hospitals,” said the Youths Coordinator Tony Hilliman.

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