JICA Vanuatu has welcomed the return of Ms Lopanga Yerta Ores, from a month-long ‘Climate Change and Adaptation Training’ in Japan.

Ms Ores is the Senior Information Management Officer at the Vanuatu National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), under the Ministry of Climate Change and Adaptation (MoCCA).

She said the course has deepened her knowledge on climate change issues happening around the globe, within different individual countries, including Vanuatu, down to the communities and at the same time presenting possible solutions and adaptation measures that can be adopted in each participant’s home country.

Ms Ores said the training allowed participants to visit different sites.

The Senior Information Management Officer mentioned that one particular site she was impressed with was their visit to a Biofuel factory, where the community sells their rubbish to the factory and it was converted to fuel, and sold back to the community.

She said this allows income to be generated only within the community. Ms Ores mentioned that she also had the opportunity to visit Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan’s NASA.

In addition to learning about Japan’s climate issues and how it addresses its challenges, she also had the chance to experience and learn the different climate issues from the participants.

She said the course has been a platform for knowledge exchange where she also gets to learn from other participants, share views on other work related matters and getting as much information as she could from lecturers on their expertise.

Ms Ores said capacity building in developing an action plan which seeks to clarify what resources are required to reach the goal and formulating a timeline of tasks were required to be completed.

She emphasized that from that she was able to develop a plan to include Monitoring and Evaluation into the NDMO’s reporting system.

In addition, she feels confident that she will be able to use this plan to achieve the activities in her departmental work plan and even to share the knowledge to her colleagues in order to improve their planning towards achieving goals.

Ms Ores said that her proposed action plan seeks to help identify climate issue and to address such issues and challenges through activities.

She said she is happy to participate in the course as the coordinators and lecturers were punctual, and excellent in coordination, providing informative interactive lectures and assistance.

Ms Ores said the course also gave the participants the opportunity to do climate adaptation site tours, where participants get to see real life adaptation activities that impressed them and allowed them to balance the pros and cons to see which measures are best for each respective country.

She said this training was well coordinated in a sense that despite the intensity and complexity of the program it was fun, very informative and has built her capacity and knowledge in Climate Change and Adaptation.

Ms Ores relayed that with a touch of the Japan culture, the training was perfect. She acknowledged JICA for providing such opportunity, VIPAM, the Vanuatu National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) for their support.

She encouraged other interested applicants to apply for such trainings and make use of every opportunity to learn from not only the course facilitators, but also through interactions with the people of Japan.

JICA Vanuatu has congratulated Ms Ores on her achievement and wished her the best in her action plan proposal and its implementation within her department.

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