Jed Land Holdings and Investments Ltd are legal owners of Palekula Lease

Daily Post would like to retract assertions made recently in two different articles relating to the property at Palekula on Santo and Jed Land Holdings and Investments Ltd.

In the articles, the Vanuatu Fishermen’s Association claimed that Jed Land Holdings and Investments no longer existed under the Vanuatu Financial services Commission, which was incorrect.

The company has corresponded with us to make it known that Jed Land Holdings and Investments Ltd are the legal owners of the Palekula lease as confirmed by the Supreme Court of Vanuatu in civil case no. 184 of 2006.

The company says it remains properly registered with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission and the Fishermen’s Association “are fraudulently and dishonestly offering Palekula up for use when they have no legal authority to do so”.

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