Located at the Freshwota 4 Compass Stage and Community Centre, Jackie Tailor is a women-led business that offers sewing classes to women who wish to grow their talents in tailoring.

Owner Jacqueline Molku from Central Pentecost first established her sewing business in October, 2020.

The 49-year-old is one of the first professional tailors working at the Centerpoint market.

“My goal is to teach and pass on my knowledge of sewing to women, so they can grow and start a sewing business of their own,” she said

Mrs Molku said with arrangements met with Chiefs from Freshwota 4 last year, they allowed her to rent the community stage and grow her business.

“I moved in 3 months ago and had to set up the whole room by installing water supply and lighting before I can operate.

“Last year, more than 30 mothers registered and joined my classes.”

There are morning classes (8AM-3PM) and evening classes (5PM-8PM), as well as introductory classes for a whole week.

Membership fee is Vt3,000 for 2-weeks and Vt1,000 in a day.

“Many of my students learn various forms of sewing techniques and designs in just a week.”

Each member is expected to bring in their own sewing machine, material and fabric for their classes.

“In time, we hope to carry our proposals to the Government to support our local business and provide us with sewing machines that will expand our business to a new level,” she said.

Mrs Molku said they also accept orders which are charged Vt2,000.

“In the near future, we hope to grow our business to all 6 provinces of Vanuatu and open a factory at Freshwota 4 that will recruit women to sew a clothing line that will grow the local business sector.

“With closed borders, we should start to open local factories instead of importing Chinese products and clothes from overseas, to build local entrepreneurs, especially in rural communities.”

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