Iru Women’s Trading and Resource centre opens

MP Loughman officiated the opening of the new Trading Center.

The establishment of a new resource center on Tanna has signaled the end of a long-time struggle for the Tan Iru mothers.

The official opening was a remarkable eyeopener for those who do not know the history of the first market in Tafea coop way back in 1960s.

Over 600 people were part of the parade, led by the SDA brass band from Lenakel Market house to Tafea coop, with over 600 people in attendance.

Tanna chief Iopil said this is another milestone for Tafea province and Vanuatu as a whole and thanked the Provincial Government for its assistance and encourages mothers to make use of the centre to generate income.

Nouaneveren te Maiak coordinator Khou Wiwi,said the area where the new market center was located was an historical area for development used by their ancestors trading for market, business, and New Hebrides airways now Air Vanuatu, banking, guest house and butchery.

She mentioned that those involved in trading include: Napuat Iru from Tan Iapa, Jack Nipiko from NV Tanna, Niklamsip from Lamlu, Nauanauanga from Lapangnuing, Iauiap Tuan from Lounapiktuan and Lava Nauanauka from Tan Iru.

“This is a starting of a long journey for development but it is also a big achievement for everyone to be proud of because our mothers have been in the front line to push forward the vision of what we are witnessing today,” said Wiwi.

With the struggle and challenges, the mothers have been working for a good market house.

She said assistance came from the tribes around west of Tanna area, the Maiak office and MP Bob Loughman.

MP Loughman was the main sponsor, contracting fathers in communities to construct the market house with a heart for the sake of others. The commitment of the fathers and young boys involved was estimated at vt2 million. Several Non-government organizations, bungalows and individuals have also contributed to the achievement.

Speaking at the official opening, MP Loughman promised to extend the center for mothers to accommodate handicrafts, build toilets and provide water.

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