International Women's Group donates sewing machines

IWG President Chintana Koyama, Vice president Cathy Mandel, and members Tanya Poindi & Letty Williams with a few of the recipients and the packaged sewing machines.

Several women’s groups around the country were the fortunate recipients of sewing machines from the International Women’s Group (IWG) at the Anglican Church at Tagabe, through the Serah’s List IWG Sewing Machine Project.

They are: Anglican Women’s Group and Freshwota’s Rainbow Youth Association in Port Vila, Presbyterian Women’s Mother’s Union (PWMU) of Nikaura on Epi, Bueli Women’s Club of Tutuba Island, Hurilau District Mothers Union of Abwantuntora of North Pentecost, Suru Women’s Club of East Pentecost, Lolkasai Women’s sewing project of South Pentecost, Emao Women’s Club, AVAR Community Women’s Club of Mota Lava Island in the Banks Islands and Seneali PWMU of Liro village on Paama.

IWG President Chintana Koyama told 96 Buzz FM that the women’s groups who received the sewing machines comprised of 30 or less members and that each group received two sewing machines each.

Mrs Koyama said this is an initiative to assist women earn money for their families and communities.

She mentioned that talented ni-Vanuatu women today have developed new styles of dresses and the ladies usually send them the photos of what they have sewn, however Mrs Koyama hopes to receive samples so the IWG can help to market their products.

Patricia Ligo, deputy president of the Rainbow Youth Association of Freshwota said she is happy to receive the sewing machines as her association takes in mothers and young girls not only from Freshwota but from other areas of Port Vila as well.

Mrs Ligo said to purchase a sewing machine from the shop is difficult for them so they are very grateful for IWG’s assistance.

She said this will really help the association members to further develop their sewing skills and earn money from their families.

A total of 20 hand sewing machines, 10 40-yard calicos and 20 threads were handed out.

The IWG started in 1989 and it has been helping women in the hospitals, dispensaries and libraries around Vanuatu for 30 years.

Mrs Koyama has urged other any women’s group who are interested in approaching the IWG, to convey their request in writing to Tanya Poindi at the IWG, PO Box 1619 or call her on 7742394.

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