Independence Park Grandstand facelift underway

Works to upgrade and expand the Independence Park Grandstand are underway

Works to upgrade the Independence Park which include the Grandstand and the Independence Garden for the 40th Independence Anniversary celebration are underway.

Demolition has begun on the grandstand seating area since last Friday. The seating area will be upgraded to accommodate over a thousand people.

The Island Construction as the approved contractor is upgrading the grandstand where the Prime Minister’s speech will be delivered in the presence of high-level government officials and diplomats.

Island Construction will also install temporary scaffolding seats around the Independence Field convenient for members of the public to sit and be part of the program.

The road from PMC up to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA) and Electoral Office will be upgraded.

A new vehicle parking space is also being built next to the MoIA.

Additional works at the Independence precinct will include construction of a temporary stage to host activities planned ahead of July 30, general upgrade of sound and lighting, toilet and hygiene facilities.

Independence Park is expected to host a lot of activities starting with Children’s Day leading to the main celebration.

The new road from Colardeau to Independence Park is being cleared and will be sealed by the Department of Public Works.

A number of road sections in Port Vila will be upgraded with asphalt pavement and new sealing as a part of a Vt400 million fund approved by the Council of Ministers (COM) in preparation for the special event.

The whole country will celebrate the 40th independence Anniversary with the theme “Prosperity for Self-Reliance and Resilient Future”.

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