Ifira Marine Management tackles cleaner coastal areas

Erection of billboards

The Ifira Marine Management (IMM) is currently implementing the Ifira Tanvosoko Environment Rehabilitation Project that is coordinated by SHEFA Provincial Council, with funding assistance from UNDP.

There are three action plans under the project. Speaking with Daily Post, Edward Kalsakau, the Chairman of IMM, said the first plan was actioned on October 13-14 2020. It involved coastal clean-up covering a wide range of area. A total of 700 garbage bags were used for the rubbish.

IMM identified that rubbish varied from plastics to scraps of metals. Chairman Kalsakau specifically made mention of disposable nappies being one of the common rubbish.

On November 13, a month after the first activity was carried out, IMM implemented Action Two which saw the erection of four billboards. These signboards contain important key messages relating to keeping the coastal areas clean.

The IMM committee is appealing to people who are living inland close to rivers to stop dumping their wastes into the rivers, as the rubbish would eventually end in the sea.

Everyone is urged to keep coastal areas and the sea litter free.

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