ICT Days event turnout poor: Deputy CIO

The Convention Center was quite empty yesterday, compared to previous years.

The turnout of Day 1 of the Pacific ICT Days event at the National Convention Center was poor and not what the organisers had expected.

John Jack, Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the OGCIO office made the above remark yesterday, stating further that the organisers were expecting a lot of youths to participate, as this year’s event targeted the youths in one of its weeklong program which kicked off on Monday.

Members of the public were also fewer compared to previous years. Even business houses which confirmed to set up their booths, unfortunately, failed to turn up.

Mr. Jack reasoned that not enough awareness on the event could be one of the factors contributing to the turnout.

”ICT Days has been commemorated annually, so some did not turn up because they might have their own experiences during the previous events,” Mr. Jack said.

The Deputy CIO also said since the event is also streamed live via VTBC website as well as on Radio Vanuatu and Capitol FM 107, he believed people would be listening or viewing online.

”I want to thank those who attended the event today (Thursday) and visited the booths and listened to the different panel discussions.”

He added, “The message that we want to put across is that ICT is cross-cutting. We use it in all sectors, including in our daily living. We therefore, encourage the public to come today, it is the second and also final day of the event.”

The members of the public are welcome to come today and celebrate technology and can be able to understand better the efforts contributed by the Government as well as the private sectors on technology.

Highlights of today’s event will include panel discussions on interesting topics, and youths who have participated in the Youth Colab program will receive their awards. Also, business houses who are present will be receiving awards under different categories.

Mrs. Naomi Bolenga, USP’s Coordinator, Student Administrative Services also expressed her views on the first day of the event.

”I must admit that this year’s turnout is not the same compared to the past years. Not a lot of business houses came to showcase and market their products.

”Our usual audience were students. Unfortunately, just a few who dropped by our booth.

”Students are now in their two weeks break. Perhaps the school administrations were not informed of this event, thus, did not advice their students.”

Ms. Bolenga said the event occurred last year during their two weeks holiday, and they were busy. She added that she doesn’t know why not many students did not turn up this year.

This 2019 edition proudly organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and the Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulators (TRBR) in collaboration with Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum (VanIGF).

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