‘I Have Nothing To Hide’

Prime Minister (PM), Charlot Salwai, said it appears that the Opposition Bloc, particularly the Leader of Opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau, is interfering with the police investigation into allegations against several MPs, including himself.

Prime minister Salwai was responding to the Opposition’s reason for boycotting the Second Ordinary Session of Parliament this week as published in the Daily Post yesterday.

The Opposition bloc alleged that national leaders are using the parliament as a ‘hiding place’ not to participate in police interviews concerning the allegations.

The PM said: “They (the Opposition) made the complaint. They should let the police do the investigation. It seems that some people are interfering with police investigation.

Police should be neutral when doing their job.

“We received our letters of invitation from the police around Thursday midday but somehow the public already knew about it.

“What we received were invitations and not a summon, which means that we can decide whether we want to speak to the police or not and at what time we want to. We can decide not to answer police questions rather than in court.”

PM Salwai said he thinks the main reason for the boycott is that the Leader of Opposition has failed one of the former MPs, Gracia Shedrack, with his advice and leadership, which led him to lose his seat.

“He should apologize to his electors.

“I have nothing to hide. We were inside parliament chambers. The Opposition might be the one hiding as its members were not present in the chambers.

“I don’t believe what the Opposition said, that we were using parliament as a place to hide,” he added.

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