Homeschooling decision initiated by Ministry of Education: Tarivonda

The Director of Health Services in Vanuatu, Dr Len Tarivonda, has clarified the decision for schools in Port Vila and Efate to return to homeschooling next week, is a decision by the Ministry of Education and Training.

When contacted yesterday, the Director of Education Services in Vanuatu, Samuel Katipa, confirmed the decision by the Ministry of Education. He said the decision for homeschooling applies to students from Kindy, Primary and Secondary as well as tertiary education.

Director Katipa said it is a precautionary measure because a large number of Ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers are returning to Vanuatu from New Zealand and Australia this weekend. He said the students and parents will be advised on the homeschooling package today, before homeschooling resumes next week.

“We know the Vanuatu people will be worrying about a large number of Ni-Vanuatu seasonal Workers and others that are being repatriated back into Vanuatu from New Zealand and Australia this weekend,” he said.

“This is a precautionary measure; the students will resume homeschooling while the major repatriation program takes place. We want to avoid the children and parents becoming very worried because there have been cases of coronavirus in Australia and New Zealand although there may have been no more reports of the coronavirus cases in those countries.”

He added, “The news of the repatriation of large number of Vanuatu RSE Workers returning from Australia and New Zealand has, to an extent, cause fear amongst the local people, and also to students and parents, who have voiced their concerns to schools and the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

“We want to make sure that the students feel safe at home doing homeschooling, as well as their parents, while the government carry out the repatriation program of Vanuatu workers in Australia and New Zealand. The MOET has made the decision for homeschooling as a measure to avoid students and parents becoming too worried of contracting coronavirus although we know that Vanuatu has no case nor a suspect case”.

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