Historical MoU signed between Vanuatu Parliament and China

Speaker Shadrack and Ambassador Zhou (seated at the center), Parliament Clerk, his assistant and and chairmen of Parliament Standing Committees

A historical Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Vanuatu Parliament and China’s National People’s Congress.

No working agreement between the two parties exists in Vanuatu’s parliament history before this MoU, thus the signing is considered a milestone in Vanuatu’s parliament.

Parliament as the first of the three pillars arms enshrined in the Constitution now have an agreement directly with the National People’s Congress.

In the past, agreements were only signed with the second pillar, which is the Government.

The MoU signed recognized that the inter-parliamentary exchanges is an important part of state-to state relations, the two sides agree to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the Parliament of Vanuatu and the National People’s Congress, also leverage the strengths of the legislature and jointly advance Vanuatu-China comprehensive Strategic partnership.

It aims to strengthen exchanges on governance for this legislature in promoting cooperation in the political, economic, trade, infrastructure, transportation, communication, people to people and subnational exchanges, climate change and other fields.

The agreement also emphasized on bilateral and international COVID-19 response, share more legislation experience on epidemic prevention and control public health.

The MoU accentuates on the coordination in international and regional affairs, commitment on multilateralism, the UN centered international system and the international order underpinned by international law, deepen cooperation in organizations such as the inter-Parliamentary Union and Asian Parliamentary Assembly, advocate a vision of global governance based on extensive consultation.

In his address after the signing of MoU, Vanuatu Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrack said this is a milestone for Vanuatu Parliament to have a working cooperation with the China’s National People’s Congress.

“The Vanuatu Parliament values this MoU and look forward for the collaboration in the implementation phase also this highest institution will always support the National People’s Congress policy,” Speaker Shadrack said.

In his response, Chinese Ambassador to Vanuatu, Zhou Haicheng said China is satisfied with this agreement.

“China is very pleased to sign this agreement with Vanuatu and looks forward to working closely with Vanuatu’s Parliament,” Ambassador Zhou said.

The MoU signing took place at the Parliamentary rotunda on Monday.

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