Government to host ‘Bisnis Toksave Forum’ in Luganville

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and External Trade (MOFAICET) is set to open the first Foreign Affairs and External Trade office in Santo soon.

This is part of the Government’s plan to extend its services to the northern town.

One of the Ministry’s key roles is to negotiate market access regionally and globally. Santo is Vanuatu’s main export base and this must be recognised and developed.

Businesses must also be in the loop on trade rules that Vanuatu negotiates.

Accordingly, the Ministry is inviting the private sector and government institutions involve in production, manufacturing and processing, standards, trade facilitation, import and export and government agencies who facilitate exports and imports in the northern region to a forum in Luganville on Friday August 28, 2020.

The ‘Bisnis Toksave Forum’ will allow the Ministry and other stakeholders to dialogue with the private sector in Luganville, Santo on external market access, trade opportunities, border functions, government’s production capacity, labour mobility, value-addition and processing, standards etc which will support and benefit the country.

This important forum will cover topics ranging from: the government’s Trade Policy -Trade Policy Framework and National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP); Trade Agreements that Vanuatu has signed such as PACER Plus, the trade agreement with New Caledonia and how these agreements can support and benefit exports; Trade Facilitation – particularly border functions of Customs and Biosecurity; Vanuatu’s production capacity; Value addition and processing policy that Vanuatu is developing; standards of products which must meet market quality and standards, and Vanuatu’s business environment and support to trade in the northern region amidst the ongoing crisis.

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