Government’s request for an extra-ordinary session falls short

Speaker of Parliament, MP Gracia Chadrack

Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Chadrack, said his office has received a request for an extra-ordinary session of parliament from the Government on March 24, after he had already sent out the notice of parliament to meet in an extra-ordinary session on April 20.

This notice was sent out on March 23.

Mr Chadrack said he has decided to use his power under the Constitution to call the parliament following the delay of the government to call for a sitting.

The Government had earlier announced its intention to call an extra-ordinary session on March 15.

The Speaker told a press conference at his office yesterday afternoon that he has decided to call parliament because parliament has also important matters to discuss, which concerns the approval of the members of four parliamentary standing committees.

The Speaker has written a letter to the Prime Minister, Bob Loughman that he as Speaker, has already summoned parliament.

“I am also informing your office that I as Speaker of parliament have already requested an extra-ordinary session of parliament for one day on 20th April 2021.

“I take not of reasons and your lists of matters to be discussed urgently by the parliament during the extra-ordinary session which consists of six amendment bills and three motions including the motion for the re-composition and appointment of membership to the parliamentary committees.

“I also note that your proposed date and duration of the extra-ordinary session is from 22nd to 30th April 2021,” said Speaker Shadrack to Prime Minister Loughman in his letter.

One of the motions is the motion on indemnity on the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine, which is likely to remove legal liability from the producer of the vaccine.

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