Government Appoints COVID-19 Advisory Team to assist NDMO

The Government has announced the appointment of a COVID-19 Advisory team to assist the National Disaster Management Office implement prevention and containment measures to respond to the COVID – 19 pandemic in the region and keep Vanuatu free of the Virus.

The Taskforce will function out of the NDMO until further notice.

Director of NDMO, Abraham Nasak made the appointment under the Disaster Risk Management Act 23 of 2019, State of Emergency Regulation Order # 46 of 2020.

The direction is in accordance with the DRM act 23 of 2019, part 3 subsection 13, 1&2 (a).

The following 14 Directors are appointed to support the NDMO National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC)/NDMO.

They are: Jeffery Markson; Harold Tarosa; Samuel Katipa; Russel Tamata; Leith Veremaito; Yvon Basil; Meriam Toalak; Murielle Meltenoven; Hendry Worek; Mike Sam Waiwai; Kembro Manderson; Jacqui Langati Trief; Gerard Metsan and Len Tarivonda.

As well as the COVID-19 and TC Harold, the NDMO is currently overseeing other emergencies including the Yasur Ash fall on Tanna and the Teouma flooding. Operations to assist victims of the Ambrym Earthquake is also ongoing.

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