The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has said the Opposition is rallying popular opinion through the media to support their personal agenda which is fuelled by interests of individuals in the Opposition.

“For example, the latest outrage over the alleged misuse of public vehicles levelled at the Prime Minister was instigated by an Opposition’s demand to use a RV registered vehicle belonging to the Parliament but the Office of the Speaker insisted that car should be used by the Speaker’s Administration,” a statement from the PMO said.

The PMO expressed disapproval at the manner in which the Opposition could come out in the media about the use of a public vehicle.

“While the Prime minister has terminated his ministers because of their imprisonment after their conviction in the Supreme Court over the bribery case, yet by law the jailed Government backbenchers and Government Ministers are still MPs until an Appeal Court hears their appeal.

“And the Opposition should give the former Government backbenchers the benefit of doubt over their conviction in the Supreme Court until the Court of Appeal listens to their appeal.

“Cap 174 on Vacations of Seats on Sentence and President Baldwin Lonsdale still regard the jailed MPs as Members of Parliament but the Opposition is already referring to the jailed MPs like criminals.

“The Opposition should address issues involving the jailed MPs with some common decency.”

The government reminded that when PM Kilman signed an agreement with China that would see the Vanuatu receive three vehicles from the People’s Republic of China, the PM appealed to politicians and civil servants to take good care of Government assets that are donated by Vanuatu’s aid donor partners.

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