Gov’t PRO responds to MAV statement on Daily Post Media Director’s issue

Public Relations Officer (PRO) to the Prime Minister, Hilaire Bule has responded to a statement issued by the Media Association of Vanuatu (MAV) on the rejection of Daily Post Media Director Dan McGarry's work permit last Friday.

He also mentioned that in Mr Dan McGarry's statement to ABC, he (McGarry) stated his stories were accurate but the article concerning the deportation of six Chinese was misleading.

"Not all of the six Chinese nationals were granted Vanuatu citizenships under the Citizenship Program like he initially stated. Only four of the six obtained Vanuatu citizenship and Dan failed to mention that," Mr Bule said.

He argued that Mr McGarry could have contacted the Chairman of Citizenship Commission to verify his information before going to press.

According to the PRO, the Media Director was summoned more than once by the Prime Minister.

"Dan has written biased articles because he even apologised to the Prime Minister, he knew he was wrong that was why he apologised to PM many times and he even apologised to other ministers," Mr Bule claimed, saying there are potential Ni-Vanuatu who could occupy that particular position.

"We are surprised to see the response from MAV calling on the Prime Minister to reconsider the decision by Labour to reject McGarry's Work Permit.

"The Prime Minister has even written to MAV and Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) to voice concerns regarding news articles written by Mr McGarry and to date, the PM has not received any response from the Media Association."

The PRO agreed that McGarry has the right to challenge the decision by the Department of Labour.

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