Denying the Voice of the People

MP Kalo Seule, Port Vila Constituency

Member of Parliament (MP) for Port Vila town, Kalo Seule, has questioned the Government’s decision to remove one parliamentary seat from Port Vila constituency and relocate it to the Efate Rural and the offshore islands constituency.

“I don’t see any logics for the decision,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense and the question many people are asking is why and what formula is the government using to remove one of the six seats in the Port Via constituency and relocate it to Efate rural and the offshore islands constituency.”

The Green Confederation Party MP said the Port Vila constituency population and the number of voters in the capital, justifies having six seats in parliament and it should be increased by one more seat.

“Port Vila city is not a cold city; its population is growing fast with islanders coming in to settle here compared to Efate rural and offshore islands,” Mr Seule said.

“The population of Port Vila constituency deserves to have six or more MPs, the government is denying the voice of the people by taking away one parliamentary seat from them and relocating it to Efate rural and offshore islands.

“Six MPs in Port Vila constituency receive 1,000 and more votes up and not less than 800 less, and this is an indication of the growing population who need more voice in the national parliament.”

He calls on the national government to either reallocate the seat from Efate rural and the offshore islands constituency back to Port Vila constituency or add one more seat for Port Vila constituency, before the 2020 national parliamentary elections.

MP Seule concluded by saying that the government should consult all political parties before making the decision to relocate one parliamentary seat from Port Vila constituency to Efate Rural and offshore islands.

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