Bryan Death

If you didn’t know him better, it was easy to think that Bryan Death was a grump. Generally earnest, constantly in motion, and often impatient, he was never what anyone would call low energy.

Bryan was forthright to the point of bluntness. He was never afraid to point out the shortcomings of a situation. He could even appear downright humourless in his constant drive to improve his sector and his community.

But those who spent any time with him at all quickly came to realise that it was never about him. He was one of the most selfless, devoted people you could ever hope to meet. If he came on strong, it was in defence of his community, his projects, his support of others.

He was a force of nature with the devotion of a saint.

In all the years I’ve known him, across hundreds of encounters, he was always focused on the well-being of others.

And that’s what makes us see what a rare gem the man was. He took on thankless tasks—often because nobody else would touch them. And he gave everything of himself.

He demanding, yes, but always for others.

He was impatient, it’s true, but never on his own behalf.

He was blunt, when the concerns of his community needed facing up to.

He was also detailed, devoted and a doggedly hard worker.

He cared. Not for himself, but for us all.

He was seen cutting the rug the night before he passed away, dancing with the same energy and enthusiasm he’d always shown. The end, mercifully, came quickly. He passed away Sunday morning.

People often wish for their beloved departed to rest in peace. But if we know Bryan at all, he’s up there in the Good Place right now, organising the angels onto a roster, and finding ways to make Heaven a little more heavenly.

Goodbye, Bryan. Maybe now we’ll see just how much we all needed you.

From the management and staff of Trading Post Ltd, our deepest condolences to Bryan’s family and loved ones. We share your sorrow today. His loss will be felt for many years to come.

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