Giltrap convicted

Nigel Giltrap

New Zealander, Nigel Giltrap has been convicted for assaulting two elderly couple in 2018.

Mr Giltrap, owner of Nicon Slipway on Santo was convicted recently on Santo by the Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek on two out of three counts of intentional assault.

The court found Giltrap not guilty of intentional assault causing damage of permanent nature but was found guilty of intentional assault causing damage of temporary nature as well as guilty for intentional assault causing no physical damage.

It took about three days of trial and another two weeks of sifting through all the evidence by the Chief Justice before delivering the verdict on June 28th.

Giltrap pleaded not guilty and tried everything under the sun to plead his innocence, and that he acted in self-defence. In the end, the evidence was too obvious for him to evade – particularly when he was picking a fight against two elderlies who were 83 and 77 years of age.

Said the Chief Justice: “The relevant facts are that Mr Giltrap was angry and aggressive towards Mr (Stephen) Quinto over outstanding bills of invoices…Mr Giltrap was persistent and abusive…that he pushed Mr Quinto with his arm across the door of the dining room.

“That is when the triggering factor leading to the incidents of assault happening on the night of 20 March 2018 at Si Chuan Restaurant.”

The Chief Justice then asked himself, ‘was this a threat of unlawful force or harm against Mr Giltrap by Mrs Quinto, an elderly lady of 77 years of age, warranting him to defend himself against?’

“I answer in the negative. No,” the Chief Justice ruled.

This was a case that dated back to March 20 and 21 of 2018.

The assault was captured on CCTV camera and this provided the key evidence that led to the convictions.

Apparently, as revealed in court, on March 21, 2018, while copies of the footage were being downloaded for evidence purposes, the assailant appeared suddenly again out of nowhere and assaulted the third victim, attempting unsuccessfully to remove the video.

That case is yet to be brought before the courts.

The Quintos are believed to be not finished with Mr Giltrap and are preparing a civil claim against him.

Giltrap owns Nicon slipway on Santo that services domestic vessels and he arrived in the country sometimes in 2014.

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