Get Safe Online Ambassadors complete training

From left to right: High Commissioner Karen Bell, Netty Henry, Moana Kalkoa, Anita Robert and VIGF Director Jackson Miake.

Three Get Safe Online Ambassadors have received their certificates from the British High Commissioner, Karen Bell.

The three ambassadors are Moana Kalkoa, Anita Robert and Netty Henry.

The ambassadors will do awareness on online safety throughout the country, under the guidance of the Vanuatu Internet Governance Forum (VIGF) Director, Jackson Miake.

Miake said the training program started in March and it is the same program on internet safety with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and the Telecommunication Radio Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) have been using, except this particular training has been restructured.

Miake says a challenge in rural areas is the misunderstanding a lot of people have when using the internet.

He says their main aim will be to tell people that there is governance online just as there is governance in the village.

High Commissioner Bell says it is very important to have people going out into the communities to address these important issues, as it is from realizing these that got Get Safe Online Ambassador scheme started.

Get Safe Online Ambassador scheme manager, Rob Harvman joined the ceremony from England through live stream and said they had to figure out what to achieve and once they did they had to provide skills to the locals.

Harvman says the scheme is established in 12 Commonwealth nations throughout the Pacific and the Caribbean.

He congratulated the three ladies and says they are now part of a global network of over 140 get safe online ambassadors operating in 19 countries and offering help to thousands of people.

Harvman encouraged them to put their new skills to good use and he thanked them for joining the network to make a difference.

One of the ambassadors, Kalkoa says they had already began their outreach before receiving their certificates.

Kalkoa says in a few places people believe that the internet is just Facebook and nothing else.

That is a major misconception with a lot of Ni-Vanuatu.

Kalkoa encourages anyone who does not feel safe online to report to their parents or report to the VIGF by using the online form to state the issue that is bothering them, they can even send emails to

She says if it is too hard to solve, they can hand the issue over to the police cybercrime unit.

Kalkoa encourages everyone to delete and never open any phishing emails and to always update their passwords and use a mixture of upper and lower case letters.

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