Fresh fish for communities that received contaminated tinned fish

The fish supply was handed to the Secretary General of Tafea Province at the doorstep of the provincial headquarter. Photo: Supplied

The Fisheries Department, Under the Food Security and Agriculture Cluster, has recently been on Tanna to distribute fresh fish from seas around Tafea to the people affected by Yasur volcano ash fall.

A total of 500 kilograms of fish was handed by the Fisheries Department team to the Tafea Provincial Government, represented by Secretary General Joe Iautim.

The fish will be distributed by the province as part of the second push of food distribution to ash fall-affected people on Tanna.

Some of the communities receiving the fish are the same people that were given contaminated tinned fish recently that was reportedly imported from China.

These Tanna communities were getting the fish, thanks to fishermen on Tanna and Aniwa that collaborated with the Fisheries Department to bring the much-needed source of protein to the disaster affected areas on Tanna.

The fishermen from Tanna and Aniwa were funded by the Fisheries Department to do the job of harvesting the fish from the bottom of the ocean to the shore for consumption.

In the first food distribution on Tanna, through relief supplied by the National Disaster Management Office, a tinned fish made in China was distributed and was later found to be contaminated, with children reportedly affected after eating the product.

A family was reported to have had diarrhea after consuming the tinned product.

This resulted in the Tafea Provincial Government recalling all products, under the advise of the health authorities on Tanna.

National Disaster Management later confirmed it purchased the tinned fish from a shop in Port Vila and stated that a ban was to be placed on its importation.

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