France commits VT71 Million to NUV students

Steering Committee Meeting of the first project financed in Vanuatu under the French Solidarity Fund for innovating projects. Photo: French Embassy

France has allocated VT71 million to improve global employability levels of students at the National University of Vanuatu (NUV).

On Thursday the 22nd of April, French Ambassador, Pierre Fournier, and NUV’s Vice-Chancellor, Jean-Pierre Nirua, co-presided over the first Steering Committee Meeting of the first project financed in Vanuatu under the French Solidarity Fund for innovating projects.

The Director General of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Director of Tertiary education, the Principal of the Vanuatu Institute of Technology and the Head of the new NUV School of Education (formerly known as Vanuatu Institute of Teacher’s Education), as well as representatives of the Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination (DSSPAC), are all founding members of the new Steering Committee.

The new project entitled “Employability of the National University of Vanuatu’s students” will run over two years (2021-2022).

The new French Solidarity Fund will address three main goals: (1) evaluating and improving the employment levels of the students once they graduate; (2) accompanying the integration process of professional-training and higher-education institutions which, in accordance with the law that established the University, are destined to become departments within the NUV; (3) reinforcing the overall visibility of the NUV. In his introductory speech, French Ambassador Fournier emphasized that the project will contribute to make sure that education services on offer correspond with the social and economic needs of Vanuatu.

The project was developed jointly by the French Embassy and the NUV.

The NUV will directly define with the main beneficiaries of the project the detailed actions that will be implemented through the project, thus enforcing the NUV’s steering role in terms of higher education and professional training.

The steering committee will meet on a monthly basis to endorse the proposals developed at a technical level.

In thanking the Ambassador of France for this generous offer of assistance, Vice Chancellor Nirua called on national PSET providers as potential beneficiaries of the project to actively participate in defining their needs and bringing forward the actions that they wish to see realized under this new project.

NUV will be facilitating the beneficiaries’ meeting before the next Steering Committee Meeting.

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