Former Speaker urges MPs to respect Parliament Standing Orders and Speaker’s decisions

Mr Korman, a seasoned politician and former Speaker of Parliament outside the Court on Tuesday

A former Prime Minister and former Speaker of Parliament, Maxime Carlot Korman has appealed to the Members of Parliament to respect the decision of the Speaker of Parliament.

Korman made the call outside the Supreme Court office in Port Vila on Tuesday afternoon when he witnessed ministers and members of parliament assembled there waiting for the response of the court on urgent constitutional application of the Leaders of Government Business, Anatole Hymak and others. He said the executive has to respect the separation of powers. He said at that time that Speaker Gracia Shadrack was right when he made the ruling that motion against him was not yet mature.

Korman said there are too many lawyers in the current parliament but they have to respect the Parliament Standing Orders. Korman said there are other ways to challenge the ruling of the speaker but not in court. He said members of parliament should only go to the court if they believe the ruling of the Speaker breaches their Constitutional right. He proposed at that time to challenge to ruling of Shadrack by written motion but not to use the court. Korman said the motion to remove a speaker and the motion of no confidence against a prime minister needs 7 days, not 3 days.

Yesterday the Supreme Court decision confirmed in its judgement that motion to remove Shadrack needs 7 days not 3 days as stated in the submission of Leader of Government Business and others.

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