Vavine Bulu President Kayleen Tavoa (right) cheering Vavine Bulu and Penama Day with Penama’s own Jenny Ligo

Penama’s own former Public Prosecutor, Kayleen Tavoa of Pentecost, was unanimously elected President of the Penama Vavine Bulu Association, at a highly successful dinner dance at Harbour View to celebrate Penama Day on Sunday, September 16.

She delivered the official speech to the guests from the President of Penama Province.

The evening was exceptionally special since for the first time, it united the Province’s elites with ordinary women to mingle. There was joy written on the faces of all those that attended the event to celebrate and dance with relatives and friends from all three islands linked through Vavine Bulu.

The presence of Chinese women sponsors and guests who joined Vavine Bulu to celebrate Penama Day, indicated a new dawn for potential partnership between the two groups.

An additional feature during the evening was a ‘Bolo’ Custom Dance which added a new beat to the most enjoyable evening which was performed by Vavine Bulu from all three islands including their Chinese guests. This confirms the strong cultural connection between Penama and China.

The custom dance was followed by two presentations of songs in Chinese by the Chinese women. It was fantastic. Even Mildred Sope, a longtime member of the Vanuatu/Chinese Women’s group, sang in Chinese!

The evening was also a time for Penama women leaders to encourage the newly elected Vavine Bulu Committee to work to serve the best interests of the women of Penama Province.

The committee will serve for one year before a new one is elected.

Vavine Bulu wishes to acknowledge the following sponsors of the successful evening: Mrs. Vanessa Molisa; Mrs. Frida Vora; Mrs. Millie –Harbour View owner; Mrs. Liana Chen of Nature Company Limited; Chuang Store; Mr. Erik Wong; Mrs. Lina - Ah Pow Bakery; Mr. Cyrille Mainguy – Engineering expertise, VASANOC staff and Liz Pechan - Havanah Resort. 

Special words of appreciation also go to those who sold tickets and the small group of dedicated women who organized the entire set up led by Mrs Jenny Ligo. 

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